It’s a Balancing Act (Minus the Clowns)

I’m still here, I’m still eating strong. Reintroducing foods into my diet will probably take just as long (if not longer) than the reset! Self-control is not eating foods on the no-no list. Self-control is also permitting yourself one “new” food item at a time, only one serving a day. There have been a few moments of It’ll be OK if I add 3 things back in at the same time. And usually those moments end with regret. And a miserable rest of my day. Don’t do that! Don’t give in when it’s not time. Continue reading “It’s a Balancing Act (Minus the Clowns)”


Bittersweet, and Not of the Chocolate Variety

I have made a few changes in my life aside from eating Paleo, some of which I will not reveal just yet. However, the most recent change is the “Big Move” back into Mom and Dad’s. Living alone is one of my most cherished experiences. I’m a natural introvert, so after full days of extroverting – part of the job description – I’m desperate for alone time. Time to gather my thoughts, to decompress from the day, and (from what I’ve learned during this Paleo reset) to live in the healing process of solitude. Therefore, deciding to move in with other people (no matter who those other people are) came after a long time of discernment. This has been “part of my plan” for the past few months, and the day has finally arrived. Continue reading “Bittersweet, and Not of the Chocolate Variety”

10 Things That I Learned While Eating Paleo for 30 Days

Day 30 has arrived. And while Step 2 (Reintroduction) still needs to take place, I’ve been reflecting on my last 30 days. Here are 10 Things that I learned while eating Paleo for 30 days:

1) This is not a time to learn how to cook.

Unfortunately, prior to beginning this Paleo Reset, my work in the kitchen did not extend beyond re-heating leftovers. By adding fresh food into the mix, I had to learn to properly cook it. There were many meals that started off with an easy-to-follow recipe, and turned out to be I guess I’m having scrambled eggs again for dinner. Now, not all of my dishes were bad, they just weren’t great. Perhaps my cooking skills have improved a bit; perhaps I need to keep trying (for a very long time). Continue reading “10 Things That I Learned While Eating Paleo for 30 Days”

Happy (And I’m not talking about one of the seven dwarfs)

Phew! I’ve been busy in the kitchen! Most of my time is spent cooking and cleaning. I decided to begin using real recipes, and after a few failed (and quite expensive) attempts, I’ve been getting pretty good at cooking… Cabbage rolls, beef brisket, bouillon cubes for homemade soup, sweet potato hash (disliked that recipe, I think sweet potatoes are only good with brown sugar and marshmallows), zoodles. I’ll stop now since it’s beginning to look like a hipster restaurant menu. I still won’t invite you over dinner, but I will tell you how delicious I think it is. I need some more time to build the confidence because you can’t mask this food with condiments and butter, or at least you’re not supposed to. Oh wait, that’s just me.  Continue reading “Happy (And I’m not talking about one of the seven dwarfs)”