Here’s the Thing…

For 30 days (January 24-February 22, 2016), I followed a strict diet called the Paleo Code. Not only did I reset my eating habits, I spent the time to renew my emotional and spiritual health too! Now that the 30 days are over, I slowly began to reintroduce foods into my diet. I will never go back to my way of life prior to January 24th, 2016, but I will confess, that I am no longer strictly eating a paleo diet. However, I will be moving forward with a new look on how I treat my body: what I consume, how I think, and all the emotions in between.

While this project began as a self-renewal, I’ve decided to continue writing, sharing thoughts and insights of what I experience through travel, interaction with others, and personal reflection.

I hope you are enlightened with this glimpse into the life and mind of Sarah Swisher.

Sláinte! (with water, of course)


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