New Year. New Goals. New Blog. Same (Passionate and Hopeful) Me.

We claim that “new year’s resolutions” are hopeless, typically broken by day three. And more recently over the past few years, we discourage others from even thinking about making resolutions, publicly doubting not only their efforts, but their intentions, mocking their “inevitable” failure.

I want to alter your perspective, even for just a moment. The concept of a “new year’s resolution” that we know today is meant to act as a promise that we make for ourselves; to start fresh with hope and love in our hearts. We reflect on the year that we had, the memories that we made, and the journey that we endured – both good and bad – and then we make new (or renew old) goals for the year to come. This type of reflection is natural, and the start of a new calendar year helps us to make marks while on our journey. Continue reading “New Year. New Goals. New Blog. Same (Passionate and Hopeful) Me.”