It Takes 21 Days to Make or Break a Habit

(Part 1)

21 days. I’ve spent the last 21 days working on positively changing the ways that I look and think about myself. I made it a habit to love myself, and broke the habit of thinking poorly about myself.


Keep in mind the purpose of a challenge: to take you out of your normal routine and to push you further than you usually push. It helps you become aware of what you do throughout each day of the challenge. And a short time frame is important because it makes the challenge both manageable and achievable.

First of all, I definitely encourage you to try this challenge. It’s only 21 days! Not convinced merely based on the time frame? I’ll give you a little more perspective.

On Day 1, I had to take a selfie. Once the photo was taken and I reviewed it, I started to mentally point out my flaws and the things that I didn’t like about myself. I could only view myself in a negative light.

My skin is blotchy.

My hair is a mess.

My eyes look weird, and those bags under them don’t help.

But, I then realized that this is exactly why I needed to take this challenge. I was hopeful that at the end of 21 days, I would be able to see something new in myself.

I was excited to move through each day, even though some days were more difficult than others (that no-makeup selfie was a struggle). But not only did I see a change in the way I thought about myself, I also saw a change in the way I viewed others. I applaud those who post selfies, not for the likes, but because they are purely happy and want to share that happiness. Also, I noticed my internal comments about them moved from envy to appreciation (more on this in Part 2).

I’d have to say that, of all the challenges, focusing on my posture was the most difficult. The number of times that I found myself slouching were far too many in just one day. It is so important for our health to hold our shoulders back. Because I was so terrible at that, I started to work on my core so that I can hold myself better. I’ve certainly seen a difference (as long as I don’t stand next to a ballerina). Not only is this good for your core and your back, it’s also very good for your confidence. Holding yourself up shows others the confidence that you have in who you are and what you do. So keep those shoulders back!

This challenge is worth the time and effort. Most days don’t last longer than a few minutes, and some just give your normal routine a twist. Life won’t end if you miss a day, so if you do, just double up. The important part is to commit and stay committed. Take a step out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself. The only thing that you have to lose is another day of hating yourself. Change the way you think about you, and it will change the way you think about others.

Can I see a difference? Absolutely. The difference is in the way I see myself, not how I look.

Sláinte! (with water, of course)


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