10 Things I’ve Learned in the Past 10 Years



I created this list a few years ago to present on the final day of a senior retreat. Now, on the eve of my last day as a high school campus minister and teacher, I’ve decided that I want this presentation in writing. Here are 10 things that I have learned in the past 10 years, since I graduated from high school:

10. Travel

See the world. Do it often and at different times of your life. Because you change from your experiences, how you view the world around you will change with each passing day. Visit old places with new eyes. Try foods that, at one point, you thought were disgusting. Be adventurous. Be daring. Climb the 400+ stairs to the top of a Duomo in Italy. Stay the night in a sleeper train while traveling between different countries. Do not close yourself off to how the rest of the world lives. Make some time in your schedule (and budget) to travel. Continue reading “10 Things I’ve Learned in the Past 10 Years”