How To: Communicate with Someone Who Speaks a Different Language

I could list a number of possible ways to communicate with someone who speaks a different language: learn their language, ask someone who knows both languages to translate, use hand gestures or point, play charades, etc. I attempted each of these, and sometimes I was successful. (I should win an award for my performance of rake, just sayin’.)

Although, my favorite way to communicate is a simple, effortless gesture: smile. Continue reading “How To: Communicate with Someone Who Speaks a Different Language”


A Foreign Concept in a Foreign Land

I’ve been camping a handful of times with a friend’s family, but I never lasted longer than 3 days. Not because I couldn’t hack it, but I’m sure self-doubt was hidden in there somewhere. During those times I learned how to put up a tent, and take it down. I learned to live without technology (although the dependency was not quite as crippling 10 years ago). I learned how to fall asleep to the whistling of the wind, and awake with the sunrise. I learned these things as a teenager, but just like my high school trigonometry, I quickly forgot. Continue reading “A Foreign Concept in a Foreign Land”