I Quit…?

I want to quit. This is the first time in the past 20 days that I have actually thought this. What I don’t understand is how I have come so far and lasted so long, and then just want to stop what I’ve been doing, what is now my routine.

I’m sure there are several factors that play a role in this mentality, a few of which I will discuss with you. The foods that I’ve been eating this past week have been boring. I did not take the time last weekend to plan and prep my meals (as I had done the week before) and so my kitchen was filled with random food items that I just threw together. I did not have leftovers for the following days’ lunches, so I was cooking multiple times in the same (short) evenings. And because Lent began this week, there were two days that I could not eat meat (of course eggs and fish are alternatives to this meat rule, but I have been exhausting those forms of protein all week). Therefore, I definitely suggest meal plans and preps if you would like to succeed in eating Paleo. Otherwise, this idea of quitting looks very enticing.

Rest assured, I did not follow through with my thoughts on quitting. I am still going strong and only have 10 days left of this detox reset. Now that the (3-day!) weekend has arrived, I will definitely take the time to plan out the rest of my remaining days, so I don’t go through this temptation to give up before my time is up.

Since I brought up Lent earlier, I think it is a good idea to share the connection of my Lenten promise with this detox. Some of my students brought Valentine’s Day treats to school today, and they offered to share with me throughout the day. When I declined the offer, a few responded: “Did you give up sweets for Lent?” I then tried to explain it very quickly and as simply as I could for them to understand. After having these conversations, I realized how glad I am that I did not wait until Lent to begin this Paleo detox. Not because I wouldn’t have the discipline throughout the 40 days, but because of the number of additional restrictions within the Lenten season. I do not think that I would have been able to create alternative meal plans that include fasting and abstaining from meat within the first 3 days. Perhaps I could deal with that a week later, with better cooking skills, adventurous recipes, and confidence. But definitely not within the first few days.

However, I am connecting my Paleo detox to my Lenten promise. Over the past few weeks, I have become very aware of how hungry I actually am. I know when it is time for me to eat, and I no longer eat as a result of boredom. Also during this time, I did a lot of research on the CRS Rice Bowl and its goal to end world hunger. I wanted to bring the awareness to my students in hopes of fostering the desire to help feed the hungry and poor around the world. Therefore, every time I find myself feeling hungry, I place a quarter in my rice bowl, as a sign of action for solidarity with those who feel hungry (and never get the satisfaction of feeling full) every single day. It may seem like a lot or barely anything (depending on how one looks at it), and I may joke that this promise will make me go broke. But to be honest, I haven’t purchased a Starbucks drink (something I did several times a week) in 20 days, so I can definitely afford a quarter a few times a day. And when I see this written out, I probably could be contributing more…

Rice Bowl

Sláinte! (with water, of course)


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