Happy (And I’m not talking about one of the seven dwarfs)

Phew! I’ve been busy in the kitchen! Most of my time is spent cooking and cleaning. I decided to begin using real recipes, and after a few failed (and quite expensive) attempts, I’ve been getting pretty good at cooking… Cabbage rolls, beef brisket, bouillon cubes for homemade soup, sweet potato hash (disliked that recipe, I think sweet potatoes are only good with brown sugar and marshmallows), zoodles. I’ll stop now since it’s beginning to look like a hipster restaurant menu. I still won’t invite you over dinner, but I will tell you how delicious I think it is. I need some more time to build the confidence because you can’t mask this food with condiments and butter, or at least you’re not supposed to. Oh wait, that’s just me. 

I survived my first lunch in a restaurant. Ok fine, it was a small tea shop. And the “lunch” consisted of spinach, carrots, and olive oil with balsamic vinegar dressing. But it happened, nonetheless. I didn’t have to make it or clean up after myself. Restaurant eating isn’t forbidden according to this program, just suggested to be done sparingly. Since it’s only Day 11 (I can’t believe it’s Day 11!!), I don’t want to tempt myself to eat something on the no-no list. Maybe I’ll go wild this weekend (probably not).

If you read the “Here’s the Thing” section of this blog, you’ll know that I’m using this time to focus on renewing my mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. The best part is that I don’t even have to try. The countless hours of cooking (I spent 6 hours in the kitchen on Sunday alone… Remember I said “failed attempts”…?), cleaning, and shopping for food gives time for my mind to focus on one thing in that moment. Then, before I know it, I’m pulled into deeper thoughts about my life. It’s almost like a form of meditation (I’ll need to work on this explanation). Also, because I live alone, I spend a lot of time talking to myself. I fight, kick, apologize to, laugh at, sing to, congratulate…. myself. And then at the end of it all, I praise and thank God for another great day. Another day of smiling and enjoying myself; another day of eating food that I cooked for myself; another day of being… happy. Something that I’ve been missing for a while. So I pray that this happiness extends beyond the 30-days. Sounds like my next goal.

Sláinte! (with water, of course.)


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