Am I Hungry?

As Day 4 wraps up and I look back on the last few days, I remember that I’ve had many thoughts:

Am I hungry? I think I’m hungry.

Am I still eating because the only thing I ever think about is food?


Muffin? Ugh, why did someone from outside who was talking to someone else have to yell the word ‘muffin’? Now I’m craving a muffin. (And now that I’m writing about it, I’m still craving it…)

Berries. Wow, just wow. How do you do it? How have I not appreciated you this much before? Probably because you were usually nestled in a muffin. Or ice cream. Or pie.

I’m still trying to figure out the food situation and what makes me “full.” Hence the thoughts above.  What I do know is that trying to figure out all of this requires a lot of dishes. And using a lot of dishes requires a lot of washing the said dishes. Therefore, most of my day at home includes cooking and cleaning… I guess this is what some people call “being an adult.” But I think I’d rather just hire a chef who also does dishes.

I am relieved to say that, as of today, the headaches have started to significantly decrease by their intensity and frequency. Finally. I know four days doesn’t seem like much, but they were four very long, excruciating days. Not to mention, having to endure such long days without the assistance from caffeine. I was fatigued during the day and found myself dozing off around 5pm. I was told that healthy eating gave you energy, and I was doubting that this energy would ever come. But today, I can definitely feel the energy (compared to the previous nap phase). I don’t want to jinx it though. Considering I’m writing this on the same day that I’ve felt energy, it could be a trick that my mind is playing on me. I think I should give it a few more days before I go around saying, “This is amazing!! It only takes FOUR days to feel energy again!!!!!!” If I do say that to you, be wary. I never talk with seven exclamation points.

Another problem I’ve been trying to work out is what they mean by “in moderation.” Does it mean once a day, or twice a week? There’s a BIG difference here, people! Fruits and nuts are only supposed to be eaten “in moderation” or “sometimes.” I’ve been eating them every day but not with every meal. And I will be really sad if someone tries to tell me that I have to cut back to only a few days a week. So don’t be that “someone.” No one likes you.

Other things I’ve come to know about myself:

  • I’m terrible at cooking chicken. I’ll have to work on that one.
  • Organic/free-range/grass-fed/cage-free products are expensive and a little part of me dies every time I take a bite. This ground beef cost me $11 and I can’t even taste the difference.
  • Berries. Yes, I’m saying it again… Delicious.


All in all, things are starting to look positive. Energy is on it’s way, and my ability to cook only gets better each day. Now, if only I could eat anything that I wanted. Right now, preferably a muffin. With berries.


Sláinte! (with water, of course.)



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