In the beginning…

These three words seem to start off epic accounts (if you can’t place it, I suggest you open a classic called the Holy Bible), so it’s fitting to use the same three words to start off this blog.

Today is the beginning, that is, my beginning. Today is the day that I transitioned from eating anything that I wanted (I’m pretty sure I devoured an entire White Chocolate Raspberry Nothing Bundt Cake yesterday) to eating purposefully. Today, I began the Paleo Code Reset. This is a 30-day detox that allows your body to reset so that you can rebuild a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Since I’m not getting paid to endorse this plan, I’ll just give you a link and you can learn the rest on your own.

Please notice that I have not used the word “diet,” nor do I intend to. Some people may use this detox as a weight-loss program, and that’s fantastic, I wish you all the best. But in my experience, diets tend to be temporary solutions with an aftertaste of disappointment. It never seems to be “good enough” because we, as products of our American society, never think that we can be good enough, especially when it comes to our physical appearance. We continue to look for results on the outside and not think about what’s going on in our insides. For me, the purpose of this detox is to change the inside (physical, but also mental, emotional and spiritual). Instead of being able to stuff my face until I’m full, I will be taking deliberate steps to be mindful of what I’m eating. Today, I’ve already questioned myself about seven times: Wait, can I eat this? I remember one time I proceeded to roll my eyes at myself because it was a carrot. But that’s not the point. The point is that I’m taking the time to think about what I’m eating. Soooo… I’m pretty sure this is working so far.

I have altered the Paleo Code to fit my particular needs, so I will be eliminating a few extra things that are on the “yes you can eat” list. Some internet lists vary slightly and this one says you can eat butter. Butter is out for me. But I did learn what ghee is – bought it but haven’t tried it yet. Coffee is also out for me. Day 1 and I’ve already suffered through two separate headaches throughout the day – I was quite dependent on my caffeine addiction. I’ve given up coffee before, so I’m prepared for the next few days of hell while it slowly leaves my system.

Aside from the headaches, the only other thing that I’ve been feeling all day is HUNGRY. The purpose of this is not to starve yourself, and so I have a theory that I will share. I decided to begin this detox on January 24th two weeks ago (so I could eat the no-no foods that were already in my kitchen). I will repeat this: I’ve been preparing for this detox for two weeks. How else do you prepare for a detox? Eat everything that you can’t have, obviously! Therefore, going from two weeks of eating a lot of food (cheese! and bread! and cookies!) to the first day of being able to only eat meat, veggies and fruits (don’t worry, there’s more on the list) meant that my body was not satisfied with anything that I ate today. I imagine the next few days will be tough as my body adjusts, but I have high hopes that, ultimately, I will be successful in completing this 30-day reset.

For those who are interested in going Paleo but are worried that you can’t actually go through with it, I suggest you continue reading my blog! I will update at least once a week or during any significant milestone, like when the caffeine headaches finally stop (please be soon, please be soon). And while I’m not a Paleo expert, I will gladly be that “friend who went Paleo for 30 days.” So for now, Day 1 is done.


Sláinte! (with water, of course)


2 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. Does Paleo include long walks in the neighborhood with your most favorite BFF??? You have my support of course, and I think this means you might need to start using that kitchen of yours 🙂 So I’m going to give you my Nom Nom Paleo cookbook to hopefully help out. You got this!


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